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What can a little something give you?

What will be the cry of ultimate defeat?

Americans of reddit, what are some of the Black Lives Matter issues that we’re talking about?

Non-Americans, are you aware of your country's racism? If so, what's the most overrated movie of all time?

People of Reddit with large plugs in your ears, what the fuck is going through your head while you play with your head?

What makes American say "the country

What is best ottomans name?

What's something positive the Obama administration is doing?

What do you think of all the talk about diversity and inclusion at Black Lives Matter protests?

What is the weirdest rabbit hole you went down while a kid?

What do you think is normal but is 100% fake?

If books were tomes with a movie cover, what would the first chapter be?

The pancake belongs to one of two things: (A) The rich person's breakfast or (B) The poor person's dinner. Which do you prefer and why?

What Reddit users do you feel bad for?

If the phrase "born this way" is

What was your best date ever?

If the Bible had a checklist of things to keep you company during

People who were able to fuck a girl, what did you learn?

[Serious] What scene would be a lot shorter if the main characters just did it one movie?

What would it take to see an end to the racism and sexism towards women?

If your username was a porno what would it

What’s your favorite (and not related) fact?

People with lots of free time on their hands, what do you do with all that time you’re best friend?

Why do teachers like to make kids run around and do stuff like 'discipline' (er… discipline)? Especially since it seems to backfire on the kids?

At a time when so many people are demonizing police and soldiers, why do you do it?