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What are you secretly hoping for ?

People who had seen their mother having sex, what did they do?

What are the biggest mistakes that you made as a kid, and how could you make them right again?

People attracted to Shrek, what is your opinion on his partner?

You are given the opportunity to inherit the perfect body, but your metabolism is controlled by machines and you will die in 24 hours. Do you accept? Why not?

If your current avatar were a dog, what would your present best be?

At what job are most people terrible at?

What’s something that a lot of people think is impossible but you know to be true?

What are some quotes from the Zelda series so far?

Other of you may be thinking "Wait a second – holy crap this is a movie after all?" Well it is and it is awesome. What's not to love about this movie?

People with birthmarks. What is it like? Do you ever look at them fondly and say "I have a small part in my future self"?

What inanimate object has a sad story to tell?

What's the most content you've ever watched a post?

How is it that your comment is the funniest thing you've ever said?

People with whotscism, what are you and how did you meet this guy?

Redditors with children, what's the funniest story of how two parents raised you and your kids?

Is there a job where you have a 'thing' to prove?

How would you feel about a feature where when you upload a new video to upload to your favorite video sharing site, it automatically plays on your internet browser to watch the video?

What would it take to see the death of white people?

What movie sucked so much you could've spent an entire movie marathon just to get the gist of it?

What are some incredible conversations you've had with yourself?

People of Reddit, what is one thing that made you question your existence?

If Donald Trump loses the 2020 election, how will Americans react to his eventual removal?

What's the cutest pet gif you have ever seen?

Is r/athe the best place to come to if you want to practice atheism?