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What's something that everyone likes but you hate?

It's that time of year again! We thought the year was going to be great this year, but then all of a sudden 2020 is ruined by a video of George Floyd smashing a statue of the late Robert E Lee with a statue of Thomas Jefferson in Durham, North Carolina. What’s next?

People of reddit, what is your opinion on racism against whites, and Islamophobia?

What's something people over the age of 18 can agree on?

What Are Your Favourite Sci-Fi Films?

If a white cop was murdered how would this change the complexion of policing in America?

What has the pandemic changed about your country?

How can you make it through today assuming you are 799?

Tina Fey's stand-up routine is as funny as it is effective. No other comedian can make a crowd go "ooooooooooo" and then keep going. What was a laugh line that turned out to be funny?

If someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for a week to make money, would you do it and why would you do it?

If God would answer 1 question for

Redditors, what is your opinion on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and the other BioWare games?

What's a perfectly legal thing that you do that annoys the hell out of you?

A house fire in Washington state is a lot worse than the equivalent horror movie, according to a new study.

Females of Reddit, has a situation ever occurred where you have been so close

Trump supporters, why do you still love him?

People with boobs, what has it done to you?

What's the perfect blend of lowkey racist and bigoted?

What are some of the funnier TV monologues?

What's something that makes you think you're hot as shit but actually isn't?

Have you ever had a dream so good, that you ended up having a dream about it? If so what was it?

Which of you are still awake, and remember being asleep?

What size percentage of your penis is best?

What are some 'not fun facts' that are definitely not fun?

Fugitives of Reddit: What do you do now?