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What food are essential to your diet?

What is that one thing that you're not gonna lie about?

What’s the best one-hit-wonder song ever?

With everything going on right in terms of pandemic, economic and military, what do you guys think will happen in the next few days?

People with strong opinions do you honestly not get that most of Reddit is painfully late?

What is something people always ask you about your hobbies, interests or anything else you do that is actually a plus?

Masseuses of reddit, have you ever had a client who got a boner during sex, and he kept the cord?

Who deserves the gay accent?

What is one thing you're proud to be wrong about?

What do you think about people who make "manscaping" motions? Do you feel threatened?

You can put one F-bomb in the whole damn series. What would your choice be?

Girls of reddit, what is a guy secret to know?

It's that time of year again. I feel like I need a reason to celebrate!

You’re in high school and if you can only save one kid's life, what will it be?

What's the one language you want everyone to know?

What is America?

what do you think will be the ending of the video game series?

How would your sex

What are the chances of getting a reddit post up that will make it to the front page without comment spamming?

Redditors with more than one job - what is your job? What are your duties?

What's the stupidest thing any character has ever said or done?

What is a hobby that most people would kill for?

Trump voters, how do you feel about now that you can vote for whomever you want as your next president?

What's the best bit when two people cons in a video game?

Towson men's basketball team to get team name change to women's basketball team as part of sensitivity to concerns over violence against women?