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How do you feel about voice acting Cannibals in Disney Star Wars?

What are your thoughts on this apocalypse and its eventuality?

What would be the weirdest name you've ever seen that actually had a human mother?

You have 10 seconds to ruin a wedding, what would you do?

What did a friend of yours do that was so mean that you had to doxx him?

People of Reddit, have you ever been so drunk that you felt like you couldn't speak because you were drunk? If so what was that like?

Someone once said "There is no God, so there is no afterlife." What are some things that you believe is more important than others?

You're fucking dead, how do you move forward?

People with gaping holes in their ass holes, what the (fantastic) name of your favorite TV show is?

People with jobs, what is the weirdest thing your employees have said to you?

What's your go-to illegal streaming website?

What movie would be a lot shorter if the main character just played along?

What horrible thing have you done to someone?

What was the most obnoxious kid in your class?

Sluts of Reddit, co-workers of Reddit, what's a secret that you've kept from your friends and family?

What are some phrases that are so incredibly awkward they make you want to vomit?

If the price of a bowl of instant noodles was .05 per bowl, what are the economics?

What are you truly good at, but hate doing?

Gamers of Reddit, what was the best game you ever played(past 50) ?

what product/thing can be considered extremely hot if made by a male?

If you had an ability to instantly give any person an orgasm, would you do it? Why, why not?

The next mayor of London is voting for Trump and says he’s the best. What’s your opinion?

You're at a job interview. Your co-worker overhears you talking and says "mate, I bet you two hookers have more sex in this business than I do." What do you say?

Dear redditors, how are you holding up with all the hate?

Your fortune is now in your hands. The house will be haunted by you and whoever you like. What are your 5 ghost stories?