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Americans, what is the happiest day of your life?

Why do you think we can call people by their first names only?

You got your wish and now it's coming true. Your penis is now a superhero and flies through the air threatening to do great damage but instead of destroying it it it grows two arms and starts swinging like a pro. What powers do you get?

What are some songs whose melody is like a ransom note?

What movies would be remade right now if they had a lesbian or gay main character?

Women of Reddit: what are your opinions on cleavage? Do you have any particular favorite fap story?

People with birthmarks, how did

People who don't support Bernie, why

Donna and Scott (aka Soundgarden) formed a sex band and played shows at an atheist church, claiming that their show was a Bible test. What’s a Bible test?

If you could go back and change one decision what would you change?

If eating meat was a religion, what would the 10 commandments be?

What’s your embarrassing stumper?

What do you think of Cops getting away with plain murder? Especially with so many videos of him being brutal with innocent bystanders?

Pepole of Reddit, why did you join?

So, what's your stupidest fuck-up of a question?

What's something small but incredibly important that you feel is incredibly important?

Would you ever do porn? Why or why not?

What's your favourite Cops/Cowgirls fight scene?

What was the most fucked up thing a friend did to you?

Vegans of reddit, when did you realize that you have a "vitamin D deficiency"?

For the guys who actually got fucked by a girl but can't seem to get back, how the fuck did you do it

Which subreddit do you feel “we're in this together”?

[Serious] Former drug dealers of Reddit, when did you first get high? How did you get high?

A ghost is waiting for you at your house. He is a short, stocky man, with two tiny arms and a tiny, green gun in each of his palms. What one thing do you say to him?

What kind of low effort, but still very effective thing have you done that actually worked?