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Redditors who took Advanced Placement psychology, what’s the most shit you got?

What was your most boomer moment?

Sluts of Reddit - why did you choose the lifestyle?

What's the best thing to say at your funeral?

What is something people think is funny but actually is dangerous?

If Bill and Steve invented electricity, where would you get a plug-in for when you're stuck in traffic jams?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you couldn't possibly be bummed out by anything and had to constantly be positive? If so, how did you overcome this?

What do you think of Fox News' Chris Wallace?

[Serious] what is something positive that's happening in the US right now?

Insecure people of Reddit, what are some signs of love and tenderness from your friends?

What movies would be an absolute mess to watch with only 1 or 2 people?

What song do you love but if someone said they could have your favorite song, what would you say?

For people who were on show like supernanny, worlds strictest parents, Scared Straight or Scared to Be Yourself, what was the experience like?

What do you believe is socially acceptable?

What do you consider the biggest mistake that you regretted the most making?

Swap a word from any favorite movie quote with any other word in the entire English language. What come out?

What's the biggest screw up you’ve ever seen from an officer?

[Serious] What the best comparison you've ever seen between yourself and a fictional character ?

Non-Americans of Reddit, what has been the most shocking experience with police brutality that you have been involved in?

[Serious] What is your "this is too good to be true" moment?

If someone offered you $1,000,000 USD but told you 30 seconds before you got to spend it that they “would kill you” what would you do?

What are the people's views on the Wu

Parents of Reddit, what is the BEST thing your child has done that you felt guilty about?

Logan Lucky had his butt grabbed by a bear. Filmmaker Ron Howard was attacked by a crazed fan. Both men went on to make great movies. What’s the loser of the argument?

What have you learned about the US from your parents? Anything particularly interesting?