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People who've actually crashed a wedding, what was the aftermath?

Did you ever have a moment where you thought you were going to die? Why?

What’s something a lot of people love but you vehemently disagree with 99% of the population?

What is the most valuable non-monetary good you can think of?

What’s something weird/awkward you’ve done as a pedophile?

Why do you think people attack other people on Reddit? (Serious)

My name is Jenni Laine, and I'm 15 years old, living in the 'burbs.

Who are more milfs/elders behind the scenes?

What is something that is normal for men to enjoy, but not necessarily for women?

If you were a fictional character, what would your name be?

What’s a cool internet tool that no one uses?

What gives you a “wtf” moments when you watch a porno?

To what degree do we overrate the quality of life and value things more highly when they were created than when they were originally created?

Women of Reddit, what is something you'd like everyone to stop doing that you feel is sexist, homophobic, or divisive?

When did homophobes start denying their beliefs?

Redditors with vaginas, where is the worst place you've been surprised by your sexual performance, and how has it affected you?

Fat Redditors, why do you like fat people, and what is it about?

How does a family feel when you knock out a loved one with one punch?

What’s the most toxic time you’ve been called a mother?

What’s the most toxic time you’ve been exposed to?

Gamers of Reddit, what is one moment that you will never forget from an Xbox One or an Xbox 360?

Hiring managers of Reddit, what was the dumbest thing someone's ever said or done during an interview?

What is a song whose chorus perfectly describes your life right now?

What is the best relationship advice you can give to a 14 year old boy?

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