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How do you feel about a law stating that any cop should be able to wear a mask in public (or any other place)?

What did a TV show say that you were disappointed with?

What was the best (safe, quiet, etc) way/place to be when you were bullied as a kid?

Your grandma walks into your room holding your phone, and asking what movie is in our house. What do you say, hers just going through a detail not in this example?

Americans: what is your opinion on Trump's protests in the US today?

What’s the best real-life example of “you aren’t as smart as you think you are”?

What song just doesn't feel like a radio play?

The cover of USA Today is a picture of the words "coming out

I was at my sister's house last night playing hide and go seek and when I went to the kitchen to get some water...

On the show Seinfeld, one of the greatest quips is "If you can't make it in the club, where can you get drunk as quickly as possible?" Would you take that opportunity?

What's the most entitled you've ever heard?

Do you still support Trump and are going to vote for him in November?

What does a perfect day feel like?

Imagine you were the CEO of r/AskReddit. All you employees would get an extra paycheck and all you had to do was stick around and upvote. What questions would you ask the Redditors?

How would you feel about a legal mandatory pregnancy test for everyone over 21 years old in the US?

Men of Reddit: How do you feel about supporting women by not being a man?

U2 fans what is the reason why U2 are friends with ?

What question would you most like to ask a fictional character?

It's International Men’s Day.

If your wife says no to you having sex with her why?

Why do so many people worship Elvis Presley?

People of Reddit that have known me as

What is something practical that can be done to help the most people in need

If naming a baby Elliot would make him Mark Zuckerberg's grandson, why not name it after him?

Why aren't more people against gun violence?