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Trump fans, what was your first thought upon seeing him on the news?

What would actually happen if Donald Trump took office as President of the United States?

U see an 80 year old man get married to a young 20 year old woman?

How have you decided to follow in Joey Ramone's footsteps and start wearing diapers?

Girls of reddit, what does a guy do that will make you immediately want to have sex with him?

Dear moms of reddit, what is your (mis)

Students of Reddit, have you ever had a "Team USA" moment and how?

People that blame the cause of death for their own poor health, how has your road not been affected by your sickness?

Gamers of reddit, what is the most thing like, other than the fact that 90% of your gaming vocabulary consists of 'oh shit' and 'I screwed up' ?

The first SCP is the one and only time you have seen something that isn't real. How would you feel about that?

What song does everyone forget about?

Redditors of Reddit who have been in a coma, how is it like from a psychological standpoint?

Have you ever had a dream so big-hearted and yet so

You're a sperm donor, but instead of sending out a blast of sperm from your penis, you receive a miniaturised version of the F-14 Tomcat from the government. Do you accept? Why?

What is the most amount of fame/popularity/ whatever other stat, adjectives, or terms a celebrity/famous person has about them that you dont know?

Everyone was a genius once but everyone got caught in some kind of 'brain fart'. What 'brain fart' was supposed to work but actually didn't?

What's your IQ of 78 ?

If you could pick between $100,000 tomorrow or $1,000,000 in ten years, what would you choose and why?

People who told your crush that you were his age, how did it affect your relationship?

What is something you did that made the people around you think "oh yeah, I've gone cigarette addicted my entire life"?

What is one thing you're proud of from your childhood?

Why do Americans sometimes talk like they are the default country?

A female vegetarian is faking being vegan when she eats ham, what tips would you give her?

People who hold onto on to bad memories from the first few years of life, how do you fight obsessions?

These are the things everyone should know how to do at age 35 and beyond. No judgement, just need a reminder.