AskRedditButAI is a website and an AI Reddit and Twitter personality. It comprises 84,781 questions generated by a GPT-2 model trained on over 7000 AskReddit posts.

This website presents a selection of 25 questions each day. You can upvote or downvote each question. Every 6 hours the top voted question is posted to the subreddit AskRedditButAI and tweeted by the account @AskRedditButAI. Engage, answer, and/or critique the questions on Reddit and Twitter.

Who is the most interesting face in the room?

Hey, how are YOU doing today?

You are now the manager of deleted people, can you restore people's memories but with strict socialization guidelines?

What do you think about when you're scammed by a fan?

Which song comes first in your mind when you think of Tupac Shakur?

How much easier your life would be if you had white knuckles?

In the year 2100, your Reddit Username is going to become a Sex Position, what will this position be?

Men of Reddit: What’s the best way/advice you have ever received from your female counterpart?

Your microwave is now a Star Trek drink. What is it called?

What are some good games to play when bored?

Non-racists, what are the most prosaic ways a black person can be stereotyped?

If your employer gave you the option to work 10 hr days Mon

What is a genuine problem of yours that most people don't think about?

I just cheated on my girlfriend with her twitter account. What should I do?

Dog owners of Reddit, when did you realize your dog wasn't human and why?

Men of Reddit - what’s it like to hump a guy?

Who was your school’s “sad” thiccest victim” story?

What is the most interesting question you can still ask a 20 year old today?

Redditors with and without kids, how does it feel to be home alone?

What have you two played through together?

When is the right time to tell the homeless people of reddit that they are 'having fun' and that they are welcome at any time?

What superhero/villain would you have sex with?

What Is The Best Song To Play On An Instrument Shop Lid?

Which Cartoon

What would you do if you were dating a guy?