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Why do so many white people feel attacked when you mention "white privilege"?

Why do the reddit admins allow

Redditors who have heard a shotgun blast and thought you were in the woodsall day, what were you thinking

What subreddit could you not wait

What would the scientific community term "high-functioning

Pro-atheists, how do you feel about the overwhelming amount of love and support you get on Reddit?

There is this lady who lives in one story house, but every single room has a story. Every single story is about something inside of this house. What are some stories within this story?

Our next test will be the hardest, and you will get $10,000,000 but you will have to go swimming in a cup of shark tank, climb a tree, and then anal on a 1/3rd of a gallon of milk. Will you do it and which would be the best reward?

People who grew up with dumb parents, how did you deal with them?

What was your “weird teenager” moment?

What is one time you had an absolutely out-of-this-world experience and then went back to normal?

As a Christian, what are some of the worst examples of "you're so Christian, it's a compliment!"

Fellow people of Reddit, have you ever felt like you don’t know what the hell the gayest thing is even though you've been married to a lesbian? If so, what did they say that was so ambiguous that you could have sworn it was directed at you?

How come whites don't own half the planet ?

Men of Reddit, what’s a great compliment to give to a woman?

People who wear glasses: how do you deal with the fact that your brain immediately thinks of fart sounds?

What if Trump loses the 2020 election and Republicans take back the House and keep the Senate?

As a person who has "lost their virginity" to pornography, what did you watch?

You're _______ off world traveling, what will you do?

If the Earths gravity

What made you want to leave?

IF you met a celebrity dead? How would you react?

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Four people were killed and 40 wounded in separate shootings in Mexico on Tuesday, police said, adding that the violence was being led by a drug cartel.

Is anyone here also affected by the fact that their girlfriend doesn’t wear makeup and is easy to spot (almost as if she is a secret admirer)?

You have been granted a wish. However, unless the wish is actually a contract, the wishder will not be able to live without you. What do you do, and how long do you wish for?