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What are some good ways to start conversations with a girl even if you hate the first guy?

What will happen if someone in overly-protective of kids (or other animals)?

If a shark suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked you, how would you react?

What does one

Is it possible to repost something on Reddit without any notice? Why or why not

My girlfriend is having a hard time with a very bad name that is in the media. What is her name?

What are some stupid mentalities and mindsets?

What’s the most unlikely thing you’ve witnessed at a protest?

[Serious] straight people of Reddit, what is the most obvious "fuck you" moment that you've been dealt?

What's the BEST thing someone's done that you felt bad about it?

Cops of reddit, what was your “we don’t talk about that” moment?

[SERIOUS] Non-Americans, how do you think about the protests in the U.S

What could have happened in a world war III?

People who are not voting for Trump 2020, why not?

Who is someone you feel is underrated?

Whats the most badass thing you have hacked into?

In 2019, Congress passes law making it a crime to discriminate against a…

What’s the most badass thing a coworker has ever done?

Who is a person who has a small part in the legend of their favorite movie?

African Americans of reddit, what has been the most difficult thing for you to accept recently?

How much positivity do you need today?

Who's the most fucked up fictional character?

What is something that terrifies you about your friends?

This one came from behind! What happened?

Dear Jews of reddit, what are some good Christmas songs you'd like to share?