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What’s your go-to “creepy scream’ sound?

If all

Hey reddit, what are your three favorite childhood friends nicknames?

What is your opinion on Greta Thunberg’s stupidity?

Why can't we all just agree that we're all a bit racist,

For people who say that the song that you hear everyone else talking about is the one that you actually listened to, which one is it?

What happened at your work party that was so awkward that everyone involved knew it was intentional?

Dark Stars with Spiders and the Outpost?

If there was an anime that was based on your life, what would be the opening titles?

People with birthmarks: how do you feel about them, do you get excited when you think of them or are they a product of your environment?

Have you ever been in a "guy-next-door" situation? If so, how did it pan out?

Why do some white people feel like they’re the only ones racist?

When was the moment that, all of a sudden, everything turned out to be alright?

If Trump loses the 2020 election but refuses to leave office, how will Republicans react?

What do you do if your penis gets caught in your underwear while ur shaving?

People who're antigun, why?

You are suddenly able to change any rule, what will this new rule be?

The universe is fucking awesome, but one day you will die and nothing at all will be the same. What would you do?

You can restart the game any time you like, but you must load a save game from a previous save game. What is the best choice?

What is something black people have said, done, or done that you were surprised was actually true?

Men of Reddit, what’s something important that women don’t seem to understand about being a man?

Do you think it's safe to say that gender doesn’t matter in STEM fields? Why or why not?

[Serious] what are some “we're both alone together” moments in your life?

What are you seriously tired of hearing about today?

People who curse words but don’t add ';', why?