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What was a drinking game you played as a kid?

If "Karen" has a son who's just as rude, entitled and selfish as she is, but worse due to this generation's wide knowledge of the internet and media, what do

Is the Ministry of Magic getting too big? If so how can we keep it manageable?

SilverStone: Why are you mining this damn thing?

The player's "career" is changed to the opposite sex, but instead of unlocking different skills they have a new skill set. What new skill set are you going to add?

Should people over the age of 65 who aren't taking any medications for depression should be considered mentally retarded?

Adults of reddit, what's your best gamification story?

People who were victims of incest, how was it ?

Your ISP is now selling your browsing history, what pages do you think advertisers should be afraid of?

My brother and my mom are in a serious relationship. What should people do to be ready for anything?

Just a question for Americans. Do you feel like America is on the path to being a dictatorship? Why or why not?

People of Reddit who work in the food industry, what’s the funniest story you’ve heard about someone who got into a food fight with their manager?

If you were placed in a movie with no other characters but you would write the plot of the movie, what would the movie title be?

People of reddit who are strict with their diet why?

Punks of Reddit, what’s your story?

In this morning's White House news, press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump believes the 9/11 attacks were an inside job and blames the victims. Was this statement accurate?

The good thing about fame? You get to have fun with people and have a good time doing it. Why do you do it?

Hiring managers of Reddit, what's the most outrageous CV you've received, in denial that this is even an issue?

Video: Video: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003) This is the third video game adaptation of a line from the show. Where did the idea for this video came from?

Dog owners of Reddit: when did you realize your best friend was a Lab?

What song could use a literal makeover?

What can you say as a restaurant host and also during sex?

Isolation is bad. Games are bad. Literature is bad. Art is bad. What are some things that are inherently bad about you, but are still good if done properly?

What 'safe spaces' have you found useful?

What are some great starting points for a one-on-one relationship?