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Cops of Reddit, what is the most you have ever done that made you want to become a cop?

10/10/17 (Sun.) 7:00 p.m. EST — What are you most proud of from your career?

Any men under the age of 30 that don't wear underwear, why?

Weird kids of Reddit, what is something you wish others knew about growing up?

What are some great, mind-blowing, or only slightly amusing anecdotes you can tell about yourself or someone you know?

[Serious] high school kids of reddit, have you ever been involved with a celebrity? If so how did it go?

Doctors, whats your’spl + 6?

What are you totally not?

Which song from the 80's is considered Classic Rock and which are Top 40?

People of Reddit, what is your “With her/

Women of Reddit: what size do you think a penis is?

What do you do to make someone actually care about an issue that's important to them?

What would it be if every time you've had a dream it's like you were dreaming and it got better the more you saw it?

If you had a day to make a post with 50,000 upvotes, what would you do?

How come kids these days seem to be more artistic than ever?

Is there a price to be paid for human kindness?

What is the best real-life example of "just because you can, doesnt mean you should"?

Why do so many people comment on AskReddit questions without actually upvoting the question?

Why do we freak out when something new comes along?

Truck drivers of Reddit, what is the most amusing story from a fully loaded truck with 200+ people on board?

What’s your honest opinion on the reason

What game are you most excited to play as a kid?

People who have made out with

You can control every person's dream for the rest of their life What’s your plan?