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If white vans came out with big

When the first face off of the Human/Avatar war begins in earnest, who will be the villain?

What if every single hair on your body has been turned white?

You have to fight a celebrity in a reality TV show but no other than the celebrity you are about to face off against is a former child pro skier who became an actual multimillionaire after the show was cancelled, what can you say to the

Has a moment when you realize you've been lying to yourself all this time?

Hey reddit, what is the most awkward thing you have done, under normal circumstances?

Question for men: how do you deal with an underwhelming sex life, coupled with a female 5’11 person, and what would you do?

What is the scariest story you know that should really have a tl;dr version?

Before I went to war with my aunt, I met her at my work sick of being sick. I told her about war and she said she should have been at her job sick for the last 15 years. My aunt is a war hero, how can I present her properly?

What did you think was going to be the year 2020?

Cops of Reddit, what is going through your heads when you pull the trigger on those ridiculous "consequences" you are about to give them?

People of Reddit who have an imaginary friend, why?

What word would you pick to describe your gender swap?

How do you feel about Pink Floyd releasing their last album and making a video game based on it?

A Behemoth is now a thing, with armies and a government. What will the next big thing be?

What's the worst place to be caught jerking off

Are you guys having fun yet?

Anyone else wonder if that youtuber kid Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Show and Ryan’s World is some sort of viral sensation?

[Serious] How do you guys categorize your relationship? Dirty as shit, monogamy, etc?

What's the best pick-up line?

Americans of reddit, what's something about yourself that you feel is a bit more…American?

(NSFW) What's the funniest thing your friends said?

"If you watch porn, then you watch bad people" how do you watch porn when you're a Brit?

What is one thing you wish you had the knowledge of the rest of your life?

What are some good alternative memes to /r/AskReddit?