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Dear Europeans, what are some of the strangest shit memes that you guys have pulled off?

What’s the fastest way to ruin a friendship?

Redditors of reddit who married a girl, how did you and your wife kick ass together?

What is the strangest thing you’ve done as a teen?

What would a word be used to describe your country?

How do you feel about an iq/savages type iq meme?

Who was your childhood sweetheart?

What would human kindness cost?

For the Chinese, what is a great insult to a non-accented English speaker?

If a baby were to an untrained eye, what would it be like?

What do you think about from a historical perspective?

(NSFW) People of Reddit who have gone to prison or prison reform, which person in there was your toughest fight?

Did you know that the Emperor has no clothes?

If you could pick 3 magical words to describe your company, what would they be?

What single text became the best and most meaningful thing that has ever happened to you?

What is the most NSFW thing a guy has ever done for you?

Sock fakes at lacrosse game. Case closed.

@mrw_tv @BitTorrentChannels Why are you even bothering to watch this video?

If you had a clone of Ironman who was in the exact same place fighting the exact same villains but without the same abilities would you let that person be?

Gamers of reddit, since you are the one who writes the opening lines of your favorite song, what’s the song that you’re about to write?

People who voted for Trump in 2016 but have decided to vote for someone else in 2020, what made you change your mind?

People who have actually broken up with their partners, how is it like?

Redditors, do you use reddit as a place to come to stay in peace with yourself or as a source of information about government, politics, and society at large?

Is it terrible if all your friends are into anime and you're into westerns? Why or why not?

When did you have a bad gut feeling about something that ended up being proved correct?