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What do u think of greta thunberg?

What is something that you want to say to everyone but can never bring up the way you’re comfortable being say’ it?

Transgenders, how does it feel having experienced masturbating from both sexes, but only getting off from the penis ?

Doctors of Reddit, what was your "cure" for a loved one who has an eating disorder?

What are some great first date questions to get to know someone?

What movie is always a little too dramatic?

Is atheism a religion? If so which religion is your favourite?

What would 5 seconds of fame be worth?

What’s something stupid a lot of the time?

What's the coolest thing you've got under your boner right now?

i just flew 800 miles out to be broken up with my girlfriend. what are the dumb things i did/said to try and make her happy?

What is your funniest “at this stage in my life?” story?

My girlfriend is having a hard time getting me not salty anymore and Im worried about her well being. How can I comfort her?

People of reddit who stopped using op-ed and instead started writing articles, what are your best stories?

What are major life hacks that you guys have learned?

If it was scientifically proven that there was a higher power, what would be your role in the new world order?

People who told your crush to act like a baby and now regret it, what's been their reaction to it?

Which of these do you prefer? OMG, Darndestroy, or Darndestroydom?

How do you guys feel about Chris Hansen taking away our right to bear arms?

Lawyers of reddit, what was the worst legal manoeuvre you ever made and which one would you make in a courtroom?

What's a hobby that requires little to no motivation other than enjoyment?

People that went to prison for a long time and are now free, how is it like?

What fictional character do you wish you could have sex with?

Who are some of the most interesting people you know?

My fiance and my mother are in a serious relationship and i need some advice on something…