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What did you think of Trump getting absolutely dumber as a president?

People who actually killed someone, what's the story?

Ladies, what size vagina does it take to fill an average sized man's?

People with Tongue Twisters, what is it like?

Girls of reddit, what is something girls need to know about you?

With all of the negativity surrounding the United States right now, it can be difficult to spot signs of progress. What positive changes has Canada seen since Confederation?

Managers of Reddit, what’s the funniest excuse you’ve heard when someone got fired from their job?

Lawyers What's the most ridiculous thing a defendant has said during cross examination?

What is your definition of golden?

How would you feel about a rebooting of the bible that only added "man is stupid" around the end?

People who work in your fave band, what's the best single line you’ve ever heard them play?

Who the f**k knows what the heck is going through your head?

Hairdressers of reddit, have you ever had a customer who came in for a short dress removal, why?

Your ISP is down for an hour. What do you do?

What's something that sounds like fantasy but is actually real?

What foods have you always wanted to taste but never could?

Americans of reddit, what is something that you feel is 'nat Turkish' ?

People who find porn on your son's internet stream, explain why?

What was the most inappropriate thing you have ever snapped in self defense?

People who are avoiding their posts/comments on 4chan right now because

How can you get rid of that annoying ghost that keeps showing up in your dreams?

If the ice cream machine could talk, what would it say?

What is your opinion on people who watch cartoons?

people who accidentally posted something on Reddit, what’s going to happen to your life?

What is the most useless thing you've ever learned?