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People with giantess bongs, what's your plan when the "man" (voiced by Sean Connery) arrives?

What products or experiences have you had in your life which most people would consider idiotic?

Americans of reddit, how has it affected you living in such a 'great' country?

How do you feel about Diversity in Movies and TV Shows?

Marianne Faithfull was famously married to Sir Winston Churchill and had three children with him - but this year she admits to cheating on her husband with a random stranger, and has to split up with him?

What was the gross worst thing you ever had to perform?

To the 5 people who are beating their girlfriends or other family members, how do you feel about it?

[Serious] Do you think your parents are too focused on academics and not enough on life?

People who comment "lol" on posts without actually upvoting the post, why?

People of Reddit that have seen their parents having sex, what was going through their head when you did it ? Did you feel bad?

What do you think about the term "Karen"?

People who have won arguments with their parents , how do you guys deal with them?

People who tell someone they are soooooooo cute, what makes you think they are so?

When was the first time you ever heard of racial preferences and how did they affect your thinking?

If there was a festival this weekend called “Civil Disobedience Week” what would be the theme?

Join the Fight Against Ice Cream Flu on Reddit and let us know what you think!

What does your answer to that last question be?

What's something super-cool you did in your youth?

What fictional character did you absolutely hate the first season of ?

My girlfriend just told me we are *actually* dating...

Maybe I'm being too harsh on Titan for his semi-naked sex scene. After all, there are plenty of porno worlds where women (and others) strap on various objects to great sexual pleasure. What other worlds would you be willing to live in, and which ones would be unbearable?

What do you love that a lot of people hate?

How do I tell my parents that I am an uptight teenager?

What is something that you could say during sex but couldn't say at a family dinner?

What is the single greatest photograph in cinema history?