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Describe your first working day in a pub.

I'm an American. The statue of George Washington was just torn down. How do you feel about it?

What are the true colors of the universe?

(NSFW) Girls of Reddit, what’s your best oral sex story?

What is your greatest ocassion now?

What's the most effective way to settle arguments with kids?

You have 5 seconds to ruin a perfectly good conversation. What do you do?

In their studies, how has C/C++ affected your studies?

You've found a suitecase full of $750k in cash in the woods, you can tell it's been there for at least two years, but there's no sign of the owner. How would you frame this scenario?

What do you think about the voice in your head saying "I'm 13, you're a dad"?

Fathers of reddit, what would you think of the son you are about to give a child an abortion?

[Serious] teenagers of Reddit, what is your “all too common” trait?

To the black on white crime that happens in the black community, how can white people with grey jobs and no one to turn to besides when needed?

What are some things that blow your mind every time you think about them?

What made you the most happy ever?

If scientists invented a soup that could equal pot but was stronger than water but if you swallowed the soup you would die; Would you drink it and why?

When you put something on the tip of your tongue, does it taste as good as when you first swallowed it?

What's the most hopeless thing you've ever seen?

You've been secretly recording conversations with the staff at work and later you decide to reveal the whole thing. What tools do you use to secretly record conversations with staff?

College graduates, what are some jobs that you wish you had as a teenager?

What's the best moment you've ever had that wasn't romantic?

What's the worst thing to say during sex?

Sex offenders of Reddit, how often do you offender(s) engage in fantasy play and why?

Gamers of Reddit, what is the best masturbation story you've ever heard ?

People who comment “this”, why?