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These recipes are sooooo yummy! I'm tempted to share them with my hubby and enjoy eating them straight out of the oven!

What should white people stop doing?

Men of Reddit: what’s the most sexist thing you’ve ever heard from a woman?

What the best way to deal with toxic people?

Redditors, how would you feel about a law requiring parents that receive child support to supply the court with proof of how the money is being spent?

What's a movie you've seen with your parents?

What does a “sad” picture actually represent?

What was the most ridiculously unlikely thing you’ve seen at a funeral?

Ladies, why don't you go slow and enjoy your life a bit more while it lasts?

Have you ever had a "thing", a "moment", where all of a sudden all of a sudden everything changed for the better? What was it?

You're given the option to give a 50-minute presentation at a company meeting or keep quiet all together. Do you do the latter and if so, what will you say to the CEO?

When did you realize you have what it takes to be an "icon?"

What is the most badass thing a journalist has ever done, that actually happened ?

People who enjoy high fiveers on reddit, what is something else you enjoy doing with your friends?

After an epic cyber war broke out between the USA and Russia, what are your thoughts on the Trump presidency?

Those who were actually part of the Klu Klux Klan, what was the nugget of info that led you to join?

Have you ever had a "thing" that people loved but then you remembered how it was going to be used? If so, what thing is

what is your biggest achievement?

What kind of question would you ask an 11 year old boy in the park?

What is the most toxic

Masseuses of reddit, have you ever had a client who got an erection from only looking at your picture? If so why?

Non-Americans, why do you still think Americans speak in such a racist manner, often coming to grips with the systematic oppression of African-Americans?

What makes you the best person to talk to about your anxiety?

After the election is over who will be the most villainous president?

Redditors who disagree with Donald Trump on a political level, why?