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What's your opinion on the fact that all memes are made by a /u/ and you are the author?

The Crypt

Where is the best place to be in 2020?

Reddit, what do you have a rule for when making out with someone?

[Serious] Evangelicals, what do you REALLY think of Jimmy Swaggart?

People of Reddit who voted for Trump in 2016, do you plan on voting for him in November? Why or why not?

For the people that say that Pokémon is a mix between a video game and a cartoon, which one do you think is a more accurate description?

What are some underrated good bands that most people should really get excited about?

What's a song you love, but not its artist/its artist's music?

You're offered 666g of pure gold. Take it, you take it, no questions asked. How would you use this massive sum? (Sock)

Redditors, what is the biggest screwup you have seen from an intern?

[Serious] Redditors, what is a tangible positive that the last 24 hours have done for your community?

What are some subtle ways that you are controlling your life?

[Serious] What is the biggest mistake that you regret the most making as a kid?

What did you do that actually worked?

You find out your son is a homo sapien. What’s your rational to anesthetizing experience?

Ppl of Reddit, what’s something small you can start doing today to better yourself?

What is something you can say during sex but cannot say during chemistry class?

If you were offered the opportunity to have sex with any fictional character (monster, mythical creature, etc) who would it be? Who would it be and why ?

What does your penis look like?

What's the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said to you?

What do u think about the cop that killed that kid?

Redditors who’ve already told someone their sexual career is

Possibly involving a little bit of murder, manslaughter, or other low-hanging fruit. Reddit, what was the "dead" result of your latest "life altering" event?

Let's pretend like you're at a friends house playing video games. What is playing through your head right now?