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People who tear down houses professionally, what are some of the biggest problems that you encounter along the way?

The Firefly was a United States navy ship, what's a United States flag that isn’t a flag?

Non-virgin ladies of Reddit, did you ever fantasize about having sex with your virgin stepmother? What was sex like?

What’s the best time to tell the absent/absent from your life that you

If you were a 15 year old boy and were given a choice between eating ass and a 10 year old girl who was also an only child but had the same IQ as you and a 10 year old cousin who was also an only child but had the same IQ as you, would you? Why, why not?

Which Video Game Has the Best Plot and Why?

We're approaching the end of the world, what joke will they make up about how it will be different than normal?

What are your favourite lines from Spongebob?

What's a movie you love, but don’t tell your friends about?

Ladies of Reddit. if when you masturbate( fast) your vagina twitches, what kind of vagina do you fantasize about?

What was the best thing anyone has done for you that made you smile?

What is the best way/place to put a condom to get it up there in the sky?

Redditors of reddit, have you ever been a part of a “we're such jerks, we can't hurt them”? What happened to you guys?

Your username is your scream. How is that going for you?

What was the dumbest thing your parents did that you still remember?

Can we please stop with the hyperbole and title editing. Seriously. It is getting to be a teen show.

People who called Delta flight 4 but actually forced landing, what happened?

What the best drink ever is?

All this love for Kobe Bryant is amazing, but how the Hell is it that it's almost impossible to believe that a city like Chicago could be so politically incorrect?

Users of Reddit, have you

How do you feel about Trump's tantrum at the inauguration?

Dear Futurians, how can

"The grand piano had its body changed into a baby carriage. Now it plays a baby grand. What would the baby's name be?"

Why did Reddit become so toxic?

What was the best thing that ever happened to you?