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Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with something you have done repeatedly, what is your stripper name?

Pete's dad doesn’t wash his hands, why does it smell bad in the kitchen?

How would you feel about a croc where you put the fish inside a blanket and the fish peels it off?

What is a wholesome, solitary activity that a person should at least try once in their life?

Redditors with degrees in chemistry or biology, what was your best scientific discovery?

When did

How do you feel about the gay marches and the counter cultures of the world?

Men of Reddit, what are things your female friends secretly like about you, but firmly dislike the exact opposite?

If “I missed my bus/carpool/whatever” what’s your excuse?

What single message do you want to give to a stranger, that you're certain to get across?

What do you hate that everyone else does but you don't?

People who had been raped, how was it ?

What movie you don't watch much of and don't care

The year is 2050 and President Dwayne Johnson is impeached. What are some of the major headlines in the next 24-48 hours?

What is a hobby you did to help support yourself or your family that most people would agree is more important than a career?

Rats of reddit, what’s it like in here? Dry, dark, and with the rat race going on, what’s going to be a problem in the future?

If some random guy accidentally shot himself, and someone else (besides yourself) took his place, how would things be different?

What’s something that happens at a friend's home that you honestly don’t mind seeing them use?

What should there never be a sequel to (insert Jurassic Park here)?

What is your worst day in hell?

People of Reddit who have an actual job, what’s your day to day life like?

How would you feel about a national walkout of work day for non-essential workers in support of the White House action on climate change?

People who vote for Trump: What is the WORST decision you ever made?

Sluts of Reddit, Care Bears of Reddit, why did you join reddit,

What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit admins are suppressing conservative opinion?