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Your username is the reason why a gag order was lifted. How y'all planning on challenging Taylor Swift?

People who only use MS Edge and don’t use any other browser, why?

If HBO had a reboot in 2020 and was called Game of Thrones, what would be some of the story's subplots?

Funny post! Looking for a laugh today.

People of reddit, do you keep on wiping until the toilet paper is clean after a

What are some of the best issues with the book "Ulysses"?

How long do you shake hands before going to bed?

Ex-pansexuals of Reddit, what was the moment that finally made you stop?

I just raped a woman and I think my life is fucked...

To all of those who have traveled outside of North America, what can we do to help?

For girls on reddit, what did you notice as a kid that you noticed as an adult?

What do you think your favorite song is actually about?

"Women of Reddit" of Reddit, what's your story?

As a gay Latina with two sisters, it can be difficult to navigate the gay rights movement while keeping one's homophobic feelings in check. How do you navigate these issues while also being proud to be an LGBT activist?

(NSFW) Men, how would you

[Serious] how

Parents of Reddit, what is the best thing your child has done that you’re still proud of?

What has been the biggest turning point in your life?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully defecate onto everyone else beneath you? If so what was the experience like?

How do you feel about someone that anymore speak not in a sarcastic tone but in a serious tone like when you're in high school or college?

What was something a lot of people thought you were f*cked up for?

Come one, come all. This Easter Bunny will come to your aid in any situation. Who's your friend?

Ex MRA's, what's the best excuse you've heard to rationalise some of the more irrational behaviour of your friends?

What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit has a management team and a dumb user base?

What are some underrated funny stories from your childhood?