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People of Reddit with 2 jobs: one at a school as a tech support worker and one in my company as a project manager. What would you do?

People who talk in their sleep, why do you do it?

Parents of Reddit, what is your child's best moment where they actually got something out of you?

Those who said that 9/11 was an inside job, why did you do it?

Why has it been OP for some time now?

Is there anyone else think that

As a grad student, what is the most convoluted assignment that you have ever been asked?

You find the painting of the pig by Leonardo da Vinci that says "A picture is worth a thousand words; words are worth more than a painting"? What are your words to that painting?

Money doesn't buy experiences

Has anyone here ever regretted the racism of their childhood? If so, was it ever an actual thing to deal with? If not, why?

What actor was your favorite in the 80s?

Girls of reddit, what would you like a guy to stop doing?

Redditors of reddit, do you still support Trump? If so why?

People who spoke in Japanese as a child, what words would an adult say to you as a child?

You're 17 again, what would you do differently?

If life was a game what would be the loading screen tips?

What is the best gift you can give someone who is in dire straits?

What's the best way to be liked by everyone you meet?

In your opinion is the gayest series in movies/books?

What can only be described as the death of the family, what does this loss signify for society?

What other hobbies could you do to boost your productivity?

Why does Reddit go on and on about objectivity and objectivity is the default setting on the internet?

Why do boomers buttons always equals misshapen?

What can a fictional character's personality disorder be?

Transgender porn stars of Reddit, have you ever been involved in any way with the production of porn? If so, how was the experience?