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What were some good choices, but didn't quite make the grade?

forgive my rudeness, but i feel it's necessary

What if people just switched channels on *all* of their radios?

people who puke on reddit, why?

How do you guys feel about the fact that reddit is so toxic and stupid almost every post will be downvoted to oblivion without warning?

If China, Russia, or any other country stole our technology and made it their own, how would they use it?

What does it mean to be "Medal-Win"?

People who voted for Trump in 2016 but will definitely vote for Cruz this time around, what made you change your mind?

What are some great names that people have thrown together to be funny, but really aren't funny?

There is a chance that your penis will grow and become a lion because you did X. What are your thoughts?

The actor John Turturro plays a different kind of nerd in the first two hours of "Arrested Development." What is this new world that nerds are so excited about?

Non-Americans, how have this Van Halen/Fire Department song stuck with you?

What is something most people take for granted but should really ask a doctor or other professional about?

People who grew up with old parents, what was it like to see them at their happiest?

How do you guys feel about the fact that you are the only ones who can say "I'm an adult"?

What word would you pick to describe your job?

What’s something that you did because you were a child and it was cool at the time?

What do you use to symbolize love, loyalty, devotion, or something else?

Men, what would your advice to a woman who wants to start wearing a skirt?

Why are you faking your love life?

What was something everyone did at one time or another that you are now embarrassed by?

Hey reddit, what are your thoughts on Islam?

Who the fuck is Amanda Todd?

What’s something that you've lost interest in as time goes on?

The year is 2050 and President Dwayne Johnson is impeached. Vice President J.B. Johnson is inaugurated as president. What will be the first order of business under Johnson?