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What minor inconvenience do you personally face that most people wouldn't consider a deal-breaker, but should?

This video game is a mixture of Zelda and Smash Bros. and is being remade in 2019. What are some of the plot points from this game (if any) that would be new?

Averted from an early age to play video games?

Your Reddit Username Is The Way You Die, What's Your Plan?

What's your mom's best meal?

What do you think of Geek & Sundance fans?

It's all downhill from here...

Is it any wonder men can't hold a drink to their lips properly and keep their drink steady?

Should I tell my parents I'm an alien from outer space?

How do you feel about the women who donate their sperm to science?

What super heroes would you like to fight?

For years, Ted Nugent has bragged about his habit of gunning down people and how well he's doing right now. Does he feel better now? Why or why not?

Quote: Originally Posted by DJLSan Originally Posted by I was at my parents place watching some old movies when I saw you sliding down the stairs. I reacted as though you had just come in, so I grabbed your ass and shoved you down the stairs. What’s your story?

Ladies of Reddit, what size is too small?

A moving image shows a polar bear with a note that says "Polar Bear is gay". What is it?

Dog people of Reddit what’s the best thing about your gender?

Fugitives of Reddit, how long have you and your friends been on the run and why?

How would you feel about mandatory drug testing to get Medicare / Medicaid and Food Stamps ?

What is your favorite (not necessarily sexiest) sex act?

Redditors, what do you think about Mike Bloomberg for mayor of New York?

This post will probably blow your mind, but please enjoy!

If pregnancy tests came back positive, why are y'all so excited?

People who were touched by a lightning during a making-of, what was it like?

What are some of the BEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD?

Sock fuckers of reddit, how many parents you have killed, how many children do you consider yourself to be responsible for, and how old are you?