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What advice would you give to a 21 year old who is about to start on his new job after college?

What’s your running gag about being single ?

People of Reddit with big titty women, how big are they and what is it like?

People who don’t use google as their primary search engine, what do you use it for?

If there's one place you can go to get a fresh set of tits, ass, and booties, would you recommend it?

People of reddit who molested your Step-siblings, how did you deal with it?

What is the most fucked up thing a security guard has ever seen?

If you were a 1-episode fling for Woody Harrelson what episode would you put him?

You are allowed to put

Men of Reddit - what was the typical day like for you?

Sex workers of Reddit what is the best anime ever and what is it about ?

[Serious] what's your most boomer myth busted?

What do you think of Sadie Frost?

What would it take to make everyone's day better?

What's the best analogue for the drunk uncle who's always up drinking games and stuff?

People of reddit who work in your spare time, what is the funniest thing someone has ever said to you?

Add "in my ass" to the end of

What are some strong opinions that are completely wrong?

What are your favorite moments from the Kalos region?

*Warning!* This post contains plot details from "Better Call Saul."

What movie is definitely worth the watch but won't be realistic to the life you know?

Excluding comments, what do you guys think of this post?

People who converted to other religions, how did it change your life?

Those are the best answers yet?

Teenagers of Reddit, what is your "this generation is fucked" story?