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If the games you are playing are any indication what game would you pick as your 'puzzle' game?

What is the most inappropriate thing you've done for money?

What movie would be improved by adding a third act?

What word would you pick?

JK Rowling has confirmed that the Harry Potter series is a pseudonym and that she writes the stories, which is why she can legally share her creative writing with us. What other "chicks dig dicks" are in the works?

Dear Vice President-elect Mike Pence, we love you and we'll support you through thick and thin but just one more day?

Women of reddit, what’s the best thing about your boobs?

What would be the dumbest, most meaningless, bullshit reasons for a post to go viral?

Bartenders of Reddit, what is the most hilarious conversation you've ever had with a customer?

Ex-Trump haters who will now be voting for him in the next election: what changed your minds?

What food can you bring to an office holiday part that actually satisfies your craving?

Is it wrong to show publically how you've felt/experienced something? If so, should people be ashamed of their actions?

What are the lyrics to Drake's latest single?

Transgenders of Reddit, what are some good gifts for a father's day?

Guys, when did you first realize your breasts were a thing and how did they develop?

Do you think a banana republic would work? Why or why not?

Do you think a baby centaur would suck the baby inside? Why or why not?

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What was your favorite memory from the Great Reddit Flashing out of Control and what was it about?

Would you stop dating an otherwise amazing person if you found out

What is a healthy snack to eat when the kids are hard up?

What were the 'legal' ways to have a baby in 2010?

How can you get a out of 4?

I just asked a question about a Presidential debate. Someone pointed it out to me on Reddit. "What was the funniest thing a pro said during the debates?"

People of Reddit with nothing better to do than browse and sort by popularity, what are you most redditor’s most upvoted to today?