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Which characters in fiction are shallow, and why?

We were caught watching porn with her, what should we do??

How do you think of Natasha Stoynoff?

People of reddit that have taken a vow of silence, what is your relationship with them like? Any interesting stories from the dark?

What's a great question to ask someone who doesn’t know you?

How do you feel about vegans who refuse to eat animal products?

To the lucky few that already own a house, why don't you own a business?

People who've made a living off of making people laugh, what other job(s) are you passionate about?

Redditors, have you ever been attracted to someone you knew as a kid, but it wasn't until you got older that you started to consider it sexual? If so, what was the story?

What do we need agronomists to theor

Non-Americans, how has your culture embraced war?

People of reddit, what is the best subreddit you have?

What are some first impressions of someone you don’t know?

Reddit, what is the fastest way you have seen a problem get better?

What is a minor social faux pas you still manage to do today?

Divorce lawyers of reddit, what is a judge not to forget?

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

What are some “are you really that stupid” questions people still ask you?

What are some indie game soundtracks that are worth listening to in full?

What's the best way to blend in with the humans?

What is the "Yahaha!" moment where you realized that what you were doing was a whole other thing entirely?

What's the ugliest sex you've ever had?

Divorce lawyers of reddit, what's the weirdest thing your clients have done while in divorce proceedings?

Boys, what’s the worst thing you ever did to a girl?

What is a road you were never on before, but you never will be on again?