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Can I ask a question or two to explain why you think reddit is soooo autistic?

People with an irrational fear of heights, what is your reasoning?

What’s the most porno things a 13 year old can’t handle?

You are now the President of the United States of America, what changes can you expect to see in police brutality once in office?

What was your biggest "ketchup" moment?

You get the ability to control everything in the world, what are some of your rights?

What's the most meaningless thing a YouTube comment can say?

People of Reddit with grays on

If users would only learn to use the internet correctly, how would the internet be right now?

I'm an idiot and need some help. Just send me a PM.

How well do you sleep and what's your longest gaming session to date?

If you had to write a novel set in the real world what would it

Which TV series is actually a masterpiece?

What’s your "fancy"?

Dear Reddit, What's Something That Makes You Smile Every Time You Think About It?

Flu or Death? What will it be and why?

Anyone else wonder if that youtuber kid Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Show and Ryan’s World is a Ryan?

What food did you love as kid but as an adult have learned to be extremely cautious about eating?

Who in history made the most sense in the first 30 minutes?

What's something you used to be good at, but are now

Reddit, if someone offered you $1m to watch a movie for an entire week straight why wouldn't you do it?

Socks are no joke, let alone an accessory to sexual assault. What are other designs to offend sexually?

If you could suddenly see everyone in the world and everything in it's right place and time, how would you use this ability? (Yam)

Reddit, what is your opinion on sex after a sex tape delete?

If someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for a week by slipping their consciousness in (hypnosis, duh), what would they need to know about it first?