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People who left their jobs and started their businesses, how has your experience changed since ?

What's one thing you regret about your childhood?

People of Reddit, what are some weird house rules you have that actually work?

You're in eighth grade and your crush is a "chubby fat girl" that you can't get home from school without crying. How do you comfort her when she tells you how much you secretly love her?

Redditors who moved to Oregon, why?

Why do a large amount of people like to hate on America?

People who've had an actual experience with an alien or extra dimensional being, what was it like?

What would have happened to Johnny Depp had he lived to 100?

People with IQ of 150 and over: What is the furthest you have seen someone reach this milestone

In a video that went viral recently, a mentally ill drunk woman is seen smashing her wheelchair with a large rock then running to a nearby field to play dead. What do you think?

So my girlfriend is angrily unfriending all of her social media. What should I do?

If men could get women to like them without showing off their best bits, how long would you think it would take them to get them to like you?

What can a

What new jobs/industries can we open with COP21?

If your life was a play and all you had to do was answer a few questions, what would be the first ten questions?

Gamers of reddit, what is the strangest thing that made you cry like crazy?

Tattoo artists of all kinds of media, what is the most creative piece you have ever done and why?

Is it racist when some people make a fuss over the fact that you’re white ?

What's the best thing an employer/school can do for you personally, in return for training you for an odd job?

Redditors with strong opinions about President Trump: Why do you have to defend your opinion so fiercely?

First why is the sky blue?

You are now the manager of covid-19, the last man on earth has to endure an apocalyptic experience to keep him from becoming the savior, but what will be the last thing he does before he dies?

People who have hired sex workers, what’s it like?

Is there a place online where I can donate some extra change to a stranger’s flooded home?

What do you think is the most effective way to deal with phobias and compulsions?