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Somebody was sexually assualted on a Amtrak train, the suspect is a john and the anal rape was a male prostitute's punishment, how do you think the case will be resolved?

What’s a name that when you read, immediately knows what you are going to romp with?

To all of the victims of police brutality: what will you remember, positively, from the last 12 months?

Does the colour white make us white? Why or why not?

The last words you will hear are those you said to yourself, what is the final word?

Reddit, why do you upvote?

Whats your funniest stupidest story?

What doesn’t scream quality?

Funniest/Creepiest Odd Couples: What's Something A Little-Known Myth About Relationships Is Terrifying?

Cops of reddit, what’s the most biased cop story you’ve been involved with?

[serious] straight men of Reddit, how would you describe a successful marriage with your partner?

Death row inmates of reddit, what was your last meal and how did it taste like?

The Taboo keyword! What is it?

If someone offered you 5000000$ per month to flip on your light switch and for the next 24 hours be a baby, would you do it, why/why not?

After the US presidential elections, which candidate(s) do you think will be the greatest of all time?

People who buy reddit platinum,

What’s a good name you can come up with that isn’t offensive but still fits in well?

Redditors who were clinically dead as a teenager but are now back in the game what’s your plan?

Americans of Reddit, how would you feel about the counting down of 1969 to May 1969?

What exactly do you dislike about yourself?

It's June 2020 and the zombie apocalypse is happening, how do you guarantee your survival?

To those of us who have switched from wearing a mask to wearing the face, what experience has been “this generation's Mike Pence”?

What are the best pre-

Women of Reddit how old are you and what is it like to have a sex slave?

What would you do if you magically got into a hot girls body?