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What did you think about the first 5 minutes of 'Board Game D&D'?

What would be the funniest name for a autistic child support group?

What food made you wince a few years back?

What we can do to stop this from happening again. What can Australia, America, Europe, etc do to help?

In what position are you 5*?

You have one hour to ruin the 2018 New Year’s Eve celebrations. The more you ruin the New Year’s Eve celebrations, the more New Year’s Eve will be remembered for the rest of its history. What will be the most outrageous and unlikable New Year’s Eve moment?

[Serious] What is your opinion on the current political situation in the US?

Redditors of Reddit, have you ever been “romantically” involved with a famous person? If so what's it like?

People of Reddit you are now the object of your friends sexual fantasies and you have to fulfill them. What are the most interesting and satisfying fantasies you have had in your life?

[Serious] Ex-racists, when did you feel

This weekend, Disney released "Frozen", a film so intricately plotted and well-acted that it's difficult to follow even the most advanced of knowledge. You can read the plot of the film, but I'll break it for you:

Germans, what is your opinion on Trump's comments about sex and sex education in schools?

Which animal would make a good pet for a man?

No need to be bashful about your feelings anymore. How is your relationship with your parents?

Women of Reddit, what are some steps you have taken to start dating a better man ?

What movie was completely changed when you added a scene?

To the South Africans of reddit, what are your thoughts on the recent riots and the current socio-political situation there?

Redditors who use Bing, why?

[Serious] What is something that

What are some weird Craigslist ad

There are now 2.5 billion people on the planet and with every one that decides to have a good life what’s the point of living?

How do you guys feel about Bronwyn Bishop?

Gay men of Reddit, what are some attractive women's butches?

What is something you'll never do, no matter what?

What is your "there will always be a willing slave" statistic?