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What’s a super awesome game that everyone should play but you disagree with its creators?

You're given a baby on your 21 first birthday, the parents expect a second child, what do you do?

How are you feeling today, you handsome redditor?

[Serious] What are some of the dumbest reasons someone has given for leaving you?

What was your “how the f*cked up” story?

Sock fuckers of reddit, why did you do it? (Serious, NSFW)

[Serious] how many of you are here because you are sick of the culture that is America?

Have you ever found a friend in the reddit group cryogenically frozen? What was it like?

Why do most couples never get around to sharing sex toys?

What would you do if you found out you were a homo sapien?

To the Hong Kong protesters, what's your opinion on the ongoing protests?

Our national debt has now hit $19.7 Trillion, our Military is being ripped off by other countries, and our streets are filled with protesters. What’s the last thing we need?

Redditors, if you

What are some good

[Serious] What are some dark stories from the Reddit community?

What’s the most useless thing you’ve ever heard a student say?

People who tell the homeless "I love you" instead of "I

People of Reddit who own and/or are proud of their kpop/infinite/whatever song lyrics are EXACTLY how it is written in the lyrics. So if someone said the name of a kpop song, You automatically got the best k-pop song lyric ever. (Sorry but Just kidding)

A fictitious company is selling cat pictures but they make them up. What fictional company would make up pictures of real people?

I recently told my dad that 'Jay Leno is moving on to someone else's territory', and that I think it's pretty fucked up how he reacted.

You are left with one life. How would you spend it?

Stockholm might be the most "We're going to war!" place on the planet, but there's a ton of military equipment stashed away in every corner of the city, including the metro, so why is everyone so gun-shy?

Your penis now has a personality. What's it going to do?

Ladies of Reddit what is a guy to woman TRANS for that just kissed you?

As a vegetarian, I really don't like meat. But what would a great restaurant have to offer to encourage me to change my eating habits?