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If your penis was a computer chip, what would your name be?

What movie was easy to understand but also had an impactful effect?

[serious] when did the perfect person present themselves?

[Serious] Homosexuals of Reddit, what are your views on same-sex marriage?

What happened to Canada?

What is one great thing about your culture that you don't think other people should try?

If the boss returned to work tomorrow and was only 18 years old, how would he behave? Would he act like a typical 18 year old, get mad at everyone, act like he's some sort of horrible person, etc?

(NSFW) (Ступис) The last words of your favorite drunk writer(s) are written down on a napkin and it's time to publish!

What are your #1 reasons to start a blog?

Who are the best white people you know?

[serious] Why does he get the centerfold?

What is your craziest bongs?

What are some of the best pick up lines you’ve ever heard someone say?

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[Serious] What are some funny web memes?

People who had more than one job, which one was it in your experience?

Why is this site so self righteous? You have to have sex with the last person you saw to lose your virginity.

Haven't heard anything from Kanye West since his phone was broken into, what's his stance on all this?

Heterosexuals of Reddit, if a prepubescent child came up to you and said that you would become his sex teacher what would you do?

If your life was a song, what would the end of the song be?

What is one quality in a person that makes you want to toughen up?

We spend a lot of time thinking about the future. When are we going to have a Future to Think about?

Ladies, I was just molested by a guy, what can you guys do to help me?

What trivial thing made you laugh out loud?

What's the best practical joke you ever heard?