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You're 12 years old, wake up in a room with no windows or doors, nothing but the floor and a desk with a monitor attached. What is your mother thinking?

People of reddit who stopped reading books as they got older: how did you do it?

Teachers of Reddit, what are some “teacher's” moments that you have witnessed with students?

What would you do if your penis got caught in something and you couldn’t get it out?

After a long day of playing hide and go seek, what’s the worst thing you found in the dark?

What, if anything, should be a mandatory in public schools?

What would be the greatest couples sex scene in a video game?

People of Reddit who have an older brother/sister, what is he/she like outside of work/school?

Redditors with children under the age of 18, what are some positive aspects to life with a child under 18 (ie: fun, friendship, learning, etc)?

What unique experience have you had in your life?

What is your favorite memory from the Trump presidency so far?

People who have gotten a post on reddit for absolutely no reason, why are you still a redditor?

You are offered $10,000,000 to fuck a woman, are you prepared to go to court and plead not guilty ?

What is the stupidest thing a doctor has ever said to you during a visit?

You're about to have sex for the first time, what fan fiction would you write?

What's your most memorable "who will y'all back to the blackjack tables for half an hour" moment?

Guys of reddit, how does a girl make you feel special?

What is your favorite song with a speaking part from the protagonist?

[Serious] Homophobes of Reddit, what are your stories of being a "hebephile," and how did you come out to your family?

People who like the products/services that Reddit, why?

What are your thoughts on gong-hideous memes?

Why do most people waste their money on things they can never use?

People of Reddit, have you been to the heaven/demons offices? If so, what was it like?

What do you do when all your karma isn't worth anything?

We want to know how you die.