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What if God ends up being an android?

What are some ridiculous "factoids" you believe in?

If you got the ability to instantly give any person an orgasm, why wouldn't you do it?

[Serious] How do you think the world would be if race relations had a color system similar to …

[serious] You have a chance to have sex with only yourself as your partner but it has to be painful, right? Why don't you do it?

People of reddit, do you use reddit regularly? If so what are some of the coolest threads you are aware of?

Admins of Reddit, what's you

You can put one F-bomb in the entire Star Wars series. Where do you put it?

What’s the most fucked up subreddit?

Teachers of Reddit who taught in jails or prisons, what was going through the heads of the staff members while you were inside?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and you have to have sex with one of them (mom's conscience in girlfriend's body or girlfriend's conscience in mom's body) what would you choose and why?

Who is the worst person to mess with in a school?

[serious] When was the last time you felt like crap?

Is America the best country in the world? Why or why not?

People who quit their jobs and move to a better life, how do you feel about your $750k salary?

How do you think about the fact that in real life you can always tell a scammer is more stupid than you?

What one thing gives you goosebumps everytime you think about it?

what is something small you can start doing today to better yourself?

You're the reason a girl lost her virginity. How do you prevent this?

What’s something people can’t stand about?

Dear Reddit people of reddit, whats with all these upvotes?!?!

You're 17 years old again, it's 2 A.M. and you are awoken 5 hours early

What's the best thing a doctor has ever told you?

If women can wear pants and still have sex why can't men wear skirts?

How can you guys get excited about Starcraft 2?