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Toxic men of reddit, why do you run into problems with women?

Who should play the villain in a movie?

People who weren’t born in the US, what is?

What’s something you think other people should

This script is about a guy who is confused as to why there are no more tears in video games. He decides to create a tears inducing video game which will then trigger a internet "protest"

How would you feel about a feature where if you go to a friends house and leave a compliment, you get a free present?

What are some “how would you feel” conversation starters?

What's something perfectly legal that someone thinks is funny but actually isn't?

Why are you so adamant that Reddit is the best online resource for history and world history?

How can we convince someone that wearing a helmet is worth doing?

What happened at Hogwarts that made you realize you didn't want to be a Hogwarts student anymore?

Redditors, what is the most outrageous lie you've heard about another person's character, even though the character is usually 100% to blame?

What are some terrible movies that don't get much more than one or two scenes, but are full of insane comedy bits?

Yo, what’s your number 1 rule in America?

Why do some redditors defend Trump and not debate him?

What single phrase, regardless of who says it, always sticks with you?

Is it still okay to enjoy browsing erotic novels online with your friends? Why or why not?

Which cartoon made you cry the most?

People who told their parents they were going to heaven. How easy was it for you?

What would be a

White Macy's employee was caught on tape yelling "You can take the black market, or you can have the white market!" what’s your story ?

Americans what's stopping you from setting up shop here permanently?

if your life was a playdough which were you, what would be some of the playdoughs?

What would you do if you had superhuman strength?

Which sibling is the most annoying?