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people who dont express their feelings: what's wrong with you?

What were the childhood perversions you did/experienced?

Trans people of reddit, how does it feel like having both hemispheres of your brain at the same time?

Dear people from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK. In honor of Australia Day, what would you like to offer an armload of free hugs?

Is it still ok to enjoy a beer in peace while browsing the news and mute the other person's stream? Why or why not?

What movie was better than the novel by James Bond 007?

From now on the last thing you go to the grocery store is always the last thing you need. The last item you bought is always the last thing you needed. What will always be the last product you buy?

Some people find homosexuality unacceptable, while others proudly promote it. What are your thoughts?

People who support Trump and have a son who does

Why does Eminem drop the best verse of the song?

Guys who sucked their own dicks when you could have used a hand to stroke my breast. How many other times do you guys suck your own dicks?

You wake up as a jar of mayonnaise, how would you go about achieving your goal of replacing every last drop of mayonnaise with jalapeno mayonnaise jam?

Redditors, are you a police officer? If so what was your experience?

What's a short, clean joke that will make all of us laugh out loud?

If you suddenly had access to the Twittersphere, how'd you use it?

The answer: "I'm sorry but I'm not a virgin."


Hey Reddit, what’s the most badass thing you’ve ever done?

Are there any other subreddits that don't have "Creationism" as an offshoot? If so, how can others benefit from your dedication to science?

Christians, how can you claim that you are the only one who believes in God and not millions of other people who do as you do?

Women of Reddit, how has the pain of childbirth changed your perspective on being a woman?

What about mods that completely change the story?

How do people still get over Shannon Brown's tearjerker?

That really is the best way to have sex. What are some good alternatives?

What is wrong with some people when it comes to net neutrality?