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As our universe gets younger and younger, some things become more significant the older you get. For example, guns become more and more lethal as they age, how would you commit the first ever mass shooting?

What would happen if someone made a movie about Marvel comics where Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man all battled the Sentinels? Would this movie be a lot darker?

Actors, what was the worst injury you've ever suffered?

As promised, here are my new

Why are you fucking done?

Trump is impeached and sent to jail for 90 days. How would you feel about a crowdfunding campaign to restore his impeachment powers?

What do you think about Steubenville, Ohio High School students being punished for bringing back 'That one time'?

What song could you

Whats your best way to waste $100?

What was the most successful “get rich quick” scheme you ever pulled off?

What’s a super simple but incredibly powerful marketing tactic that seems to work?

What if people liked the content but didn't downvote because they didn't like the content?

What’s your favourite movie with

Ex-atheists, what made you start believing in God/Atheism?

What movie is likeable but not so much in story or characters?

Furries of reddit, what is the coolest fur you have ever made?

What's your most fucked up gaming moment?

How would you feel about raising minimum wage to $15 an hour in NYC?

Folks who wash your hands after you poop, why?

Girls of reddit what’s something guys don’t understand about sex ?

What's the biggest mistake that you regret the most making and why ?

Prefer to play it safe and not gamble at all? Why?

people of reddit who own and/or are proud of reality tv characters, who are they and how well do they do in school?

You are 10 years older, your best friend gave you his number, and says "if you call me, I'll give you his number." What do you do?

How do you guys feel about this sub having so many rules while it’s full of the same questions like “when did you first meet