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If the earths gravity was half of what it is now, how would you feel about a lower taxes, lower spending, and faster economic growth?

People who married someone they knew only as a nickname, what was your introduction to that person like?

If we're so fucked, why don't we just leave it be and move on with our lives?

Ladies of Reddit, would you prefer a guy who shows off his penis, pussy, ass, boobs, face and generally flaunts his sex appeal? Why or why not?

If a mod of Reddit removed askreddit, what would be the most outrageously r/redpill post to get back up voted again?

Girlfriend doesn’t like avatar the last airbender aaand where to

Without telling the name, what is your favorite sci-fi/fantasy creature?

How do you feel about Halle bailey being cast to play ariel in the new hake?

What are some useful things to know when dealing with gen Z?

People who speak >1 languages: which one are you?

If your life was a movie, what would be some of the title sequences?

What would happen if every one who isn't in love with their SOs just stopped caring and gave in?

How much longer will Americans burnier to use FEMA camps and military?

If your body could communicate with an alien and it wanted to tell you what would it say?

What was the most hardworking thing you did which turned out to be faulty?

Male Architects of Reddit, what is the most blatant example of sexual harassment you have faced while designing spaceships?

Would you stop dating an otherwise amazing person if you found out that he or she won’t eat raw fish due

How would your life be different if a white supremacist got your username and gained access to your

What's a good Netflix name you can come up with?

Your username is your greatest strength. How far do

How did you feel when Catfish came back?

If you could magically get into any cartoon, Who would it be ?

Posters of Reddit, what is the funniest thing you've seen in a fanfiction? (Serious)

Do you prefer non-piketty cartoon characters or the bad ass cartoon characters?

What’s the best way/place/thing to start getting a grip on your life and be positive?