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What would you do if you have power to make everyone in the world follow some vague, non-controversial rule and you have complete control over all resources?

Doctors, whats it like to hold a man's hand on an outpatient day? Do they ever tell you how lucky you are to have a doctor like that?

People of Reddit, are you related to any of the main characters from the Disney Channel show, how are their ages?

Some people say “there is no heaven” but how do you prove to yourself that you really do?

You have to have sex with the enemy, what do you do?

What would be the WORST possible response from an American to a Canadian?

What did you think would be the funniest lyrics to a song ?

About JK Rowling

[Serious] Republican senators, who will you be voting for in November and why?

You are suddenly teleported 3 feet to your right. How does everything go?

Mr. Robot was one of the best shows of last year, but is it going to be cancelled?

If we didn’t have the internet how would we go about explaining racism to children?

You're scammed by a friend, what should he/she do?

As a gun enthusiast, what would you recommend as a first gun?

People who hate animals

What’s your most douchey past life experience?

What's your most badass moment?

People of Reddit with jealousy issues and how can someone so sensitive let you know when they feel you're not being sensitive?

How do you guys feel about someone who still sucks their thumb to get to sleep?

Cat people of Reddit, what are you like now?

Furries of Reddit, why are you so into anime?

If you were a giant alien that landed on earth today to claim your 4th nationality, what would your first language be?

If you were an alien that landed on Earth this week and asked us one question what would it be?

People that used to make videos on remotes, what�

How do you feel about a law stating that license-holders must undergo gun safety classes every year?