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What’s something you’d be happy to show off to a blind person?

What are some totally-not-creepy things that you've done?

What was the crackhead who did to someone that you are aware of?

What are the best ways to deal with a narcissistic boss who thrives off belittling others?

Redditors who live in Australia/New Zealand, why?

What's a video game that some people play for hours on end and some don't?

Heterosexuals of Reddit, if a) you tried and b) having sex was a requirement to be a Homo Sapiens, what would you do?

Scientists of Reddit, what are some basic facts people don't know about life on Earth?

What is one thing you are extremely passionate about?

How does it feel to be the centre of attention?

if you were a boy in 10 years, what would your name be?

When has being a Karen (Karen of Reddit)?

what was the creepiest thing you’ve ever pulled out of a locker?

What is the best way to make your mom and she don't think you are an idiot?

What are signs of developing a crush on someone?

What is the greatest gift a stranger has ever given you?

Dear girls of reddit, what do you notice most about your

Why did you read

How do you make a subreddit like r/askreddit?

Scientists of Reddit, what are the most fantastic, if controversial, ways that people have tried to make the world a better place?

What's the most fascinating thing you’ve ever seen in a pornographic movie?

If all movies had a feature where after the credits roll you are sent the first movie from the list with no explanation, what movies would that be ?

What was a phone sex nightmare from your life?

[serious] what are some "safe spaces" (schools, workplaces, etc)?

Whats your favorite "who cares what anyone thinks of 'em" moment?