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[Serious] Just curious - have you ever been so close to someone, only to find out they were actually really good friends? If so, how did you deal with it?

What are some quirky facts about life that most people probably don’t know?

people of color

Why do you upvote a post on AskReddit asking how someone became a redditg?

Why do white people always seem to defend Jim Crow laws and fought for them in the first place?

Do you guys notice we don’t post good news on Tuesdays? Why?

People of reddit, have you ever faced a situation where you felt you couldn't control the outcome? How would you react?

Just curious, is it possible for humans to be arseholes?

What you could say during sex and a family?

Why does Reddit go on and on about privacy but utterly ignorebs any evidence of reposts or deceptive practices?

What is something people over the age of 18 should know how to do at age 21?

What is something everyone can agree is a bit too easy?

How do you feel about people openly fingering each other and teasing a dead person (especially when the person actually being mocked is dead)?

Is it 2015? May as well celebrate International Movember Day. More than ever, it seems, we're determined to please.

What are some of the best ways to be helpful to someone who needs it?

People who ask "So, what do you think of my accent?" while explaining something, why do you do it?

What are some weird YouTube channel names that go by quickly?

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game to shed light on gang warfare and explain the occult?

People with F-18 aircraft, what's the most badass thing you've seen an F-18 fly in combat before?

When did you experience 'The Smackdown'?

What stupid thing a student did that ended up going viral?

How much of the job creation during the recession was due to luck?

What's the funniest story anyone has as a police officer?

What is your favorite Steve-on-a-boat story?

What is your favorite 'not fun fact' that other redditors have told you?