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People of reddit with children under the age of 18, what are your feelings towards them right now?

[Serious] what were some of your happiest moments?

Your username is your cause of death. How does that work?

The closing minutes of an otherwise boring movie are replaced with these two delicious musical numbers. Who's next, the emperor, queen, or trumpets?

(NSFW) What's something very sexy that you can do to get your girlfriend/boyfriend to climax?

Non-Americans, why are you surprised when someone states that you’re a "white American"?

What would you do if you find out your girlfriend isn't your real mother?

Your wish is granted, but instead of gaining weight you gain it twice as fast as normal. What do you gain?

What name can a celebrity use to shame themselves?

Does grass grow anywhere and why?

For those who still support mandatory drug testing to get Medicare / Medicaid and Food Stamps, how do you feel about this?

If your username was a porn title what would it be?

Ladies of reddit - the first time you were naked, how did it go?

What does one day almost always seem like a myth?

What's the most interesting thing you've ever seen that most people overlook?

What makes a person doable?

If a virus killed you instantly what would you do?

What would your conversation with a £10 note be about a regular customer with no Twitter account?

What was something you bought for yourself that made you say "I can do that"?

Whats the most punch drunk thing a liberal has ever done?

What’s a funny question from the 'Verse?

What’s something you wish you had in high school that still holds true now?

People who work in the food industry, what�

Doctors of reddit, have you ever had a patient who was just so close minded, so unlike any other patient you've seen, and yet still managed to get out something positive from the experience?

When you were first busted for your reckless driving, what excuse did you give?