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What new jobs/industries can we create to work from home and keep the economy stimulated during these difficult economic times?

[Serious] what is the most fucked up thing you ever did as a teenager?

Teachers of Reddit, what is the best way you have seen a student develop an interest in a topic outside of class?

If Elvis had a secret, what would it be?

Parents, what is the best "sit down mom" moment you've seen from your child?

What's your face when you're sad?

What superhero would you have sex with?

You go to sleep 20 years ago and wake up 2 years later! What new skill have you learnt since then ?

What one thing makes you proud to be an american?

Men of reddit

In a fit of rage, what are some of the least useful things you've ever done?

Are there any mods you don't use? Why?

(NSFW) What are some great places to have a good fuck?

How would you feel about a "so help me god" button in gaming?

What was the best version of yourself that you ever met?

Who is a beautiful, complex person? What is yours like?

What’s the best way you’ve seen someone's life change dramatically?

The dog days of summer are over, and it's time to reboot the entire world. What do you think?

What's the most useful fucking fact you know?

What movie does rickroll dad get?

What’s the most shocking bit of info you have access to?

What is the weirdest place with a lava lamp?

For the few who actually read the TOS, what are some of the most interesting terms we have never mentioned before?

What if you saw a cloning lab and your goal was to perfectly replicate the human body?

U2's "Fat Bottomed" video is trending on Youtube, what do you think the video will do?